Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Loving My Eclips from Sizzix!

It has been a challenge to be back creating projects with a newborn at home. Nonetheless, I'm back and working in many fun projects including some home decor projects.

Right now, I would like to express how in love I'm with my Eclips from Sizzix. I so love this very handy and incredibly amazing machine!!! Not only has been at work at home with me but it has also helped my husband at work making some very important tasks. He's used it to create masks for spray painting on their military bags their personal information such as name, rank, unit, etc. It made the process so much faster and easier.

I have used it enough to say that it's the best tool on my collection. It's durable and easy to use. I have cut different type of materials including chipboard with amazing results. Both, cartridges and software are user friendly and packed with great features. Like other products, it requires attention to detail but it's something you can pick up easily as you go. For example, my first try at cutting chipboard, I had a hard time feeding in the cutting mat. As I was using the Sure Cuts software and cutting from my computer, it took me a few minutes to realize I had to change the material from Cardstock to Chipboard in the Cut Settings box. Once I figured this out, it was very easy and fast. Another trick I've learned by using the Eclips, it's that if your paper is not sticking all the way down to the mat on the front edge you can always feed the cutting mat until the paper is a little bit passed the rollers. That will actually keep the paper in place while the machine is cutting and it won't get stuck on the rollers. While cutting chipboard, please remember to change in the Cut Settings the Multi-Cut feature as well as the pressure and speed. I cut a light weight chipboard and had my Multi-Cut setting on 2-times, my speed at 1 and my pressure at 5. It cut my chipboard with beautiful clean lines.

I also would like to mentioned that when I purchased the eCal software Sure Cuts A Lot I had a Windows based computer. I recently acquired a MAC laptop and before I had a chance to double check I thought I will have to purchase a new software for my new computer. But,  I didn't! The software is good for both Windows and Mac. So, big thanks to Sure Cuts A Lot for that one tiny small detail!!!

If you have been thinking about purchasing a Sizzix Eclips electronic shape-cutting machine, please do so! You're going to love it no matter if you're a heavy or light user. It's worth every penny, of course if you get it in a good sale.

Hope you guys enjoy this review! And if you purchase the Eclips, hope that you enjoy every bit of it as much as I do.


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