Monday, October 21, 2013

It's a Halloween Costume!

Hi Guys!
Here I am again with a DIY Halloween costume! It was an early surprise for my daughter who didn't know until the last minute that she would be dressing as Bat Girl while her little brother will be dressing as Batman. Too cute! Definitely, pictures of the kids dressed up for Halloween will follow.

Here is a complete picture of the entire outfit including the flower that I want to put on her hair. The flower has also a safety pin on the back so it can be added to the body of the dress as shown in the last picture, if desired.

Here is a close up of the straps made with yellow satin ribbon and a black trim with a elastic in the center.

The flower is made out of the same yellow satin ribbon as the straps. The skirt is a regular tutu made out of black tule.

Here is one last picture of the whole outfit; notice I placed the hair flower on one of the straps and it looks just beautiful!

The body of the outfit is a leotard that cost right under $10. The tule was purchased at Hobby Lobby on sale at 50% off. I used 1 1/2 rolls that cost approximately $5. The ribbon was also purchased at 50% off at Hobby Lobby for $2 and $1. The Batman iron on patch was $4 at Hobby Lobby as well and I used a 40% coupon. Overall, this was a very easy outfit to make for under $20. 

Hope you guys love it and get inspire! You are very welcome to share your Halloween creations on my blog. 

Like always, cheers & happy crafting!

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